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Carol Barclay

I have been a studio potter since 1981, when I entered an outdoor art show and was delighted to sell out within 2 hours. Working with clay is a deeply satisfying experience for me. I love the texture and the coolness of clay, the opportunity to work with my body as well as my mind, and I am energized by the many possibilities in a lump of "mud." I have a filing cabinet that overflows with sketches and ideas for what I want to make. I am so very fortunate to be able to "work" at what I love, and I treasure the privilege of making things that other folks cherish and take into their homes.
My work in porcelain is recognizable by its undulating organic forms. I have learned how to gently coax the white clay into graceful whirls and elegant forms. I see my porcelain forms as freezing a moment of fluidity, with references to flowing fabric and garden blooms. When I meet someone who owns one of my porcelain vases, bowls, plates, or wall sculptures I am frequently gratified to hear about the pleasure that my work brings into someone's life.