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William and Pamela Kennedy

Most people BBQ in their back yard, Well in 2002 I decided to learn pottery as a hobby. I got a gas kiln,
a wheel and 3 books on Crystalline. I sat out to learn the hardest process in pottery. I would fire 2 vases a day and it was months before I seen my first Crystal.
I also worked a job that I'd been doing for 23 years. The same year I was learning Crystalline My job moved to Mexico at the end of that year. Me and my wife worked hard and around a year later from when we started we opened our Shop.
We're located 1 block from the stop light here in Seagrove. We love talking to custormers and telling about our process. We also have some of the best custormers we've ever met that shop here. I really think
they enjoy coming and talking with us. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be on our second year in the pottery
business. We have school groups that come once a year
for an educational and learning experience. We try and
give a very interesting experience to everyone that comes to our shop.
With that note life is good & come and see us!!
William & Pamela