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The Mad Potter

George Ohr was born in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1857. In 1879, Joseph Meyer
offered to teach Ohr the potterıs trade. Ohrıs family knew potters Francois
and Joseph Meyer, a father and son from France who settled in Biloxi, but
later moved to New Orleans. In New Orleans, Joseph Meyer taught George Ohr
to use materials at hand, including local clays, to build rudimentary
wood-burning kilns, and the formulae for old-world lead glazes. They
produced utilitarian pottery wares and novelties for the tourist trade.
George said he "took to pottery like a duck takes to water." In 1882, Ohr
returned to Biloxi, to build his first pottery. In 1884, he exhibited over
600 pieces in the Worldıs Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition in New
Orleans. He used state fairs, international expositions and trade fairs to
exhibit and sell his work.