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Steve Fabrico

I decided to become a potter by accident, in the early 70’s when I happened to walk by the ceramic room in the college I was attending. At this point in my life I was only in school because the Veteran’s Administration was paying me to be there. Ceramics looked like something I could handle. Before I could sign up for a basic ceramics course I was already hanging out watching students throw and also attempting it myself. The following semester I had my first ceramics course and knew more about it than my instructor, who was a painter and had never taught ceramics before. So, as they say; the hook was set, and the world of pottery/ crafts reeled me in slowly. Five years later I had earned a BFA in Ceramics and have made pots full time ever since. Over the years I have made many changes in my work. I feel this ability to create new designs, style and forms has always kept me from becoming bored and burnt out. After 25 years of making pots I still can’t wait to get to my studio every day for work.

The current body of work I am producing is a combination of functional and non functional ceramics. The majority of the work is made in an alternative method which involves separate sections of clay pieced together in a similar way a patchwork quilt is made. This technique allows for a visual change in every piece since no two pieces can be put together the same way. The influences of nature and abstract art are woven together in this work. I find this method of producing work a challenge to my design sense because it leads to endless possibilities in how I produce my work.